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UO White Wolf

PvM Ultima Online Server, with a lot of custom content : new mobs and bosses, new dungeons and quests, new crafting and resources, new pets (EVO Pets and Squires)


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This UO Server is built from the old UO White Wolf Server that was active in 2014-2015. The same spirit is applying : fair and collaborative play, a lot of events and the most updated in game content. Expect a lot of events and .. a lot o fun !


No PvP on UO White-Wolf. Some events may include PvP, but they would always be under the control of Staff and no equipment would be lost.

No Skillcap

No limits in the number of skills you can train and maximize. Get all the skills you want or need.

300 Statcap

Tweak your Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence with a total of 300 maximum points. Each stat having a maxium of 150 points you can spend in individually.

EVO Pets

On rare occasions, you will find an EVO egg in game. This one will become your EVO Pet if you take good care of it. EVO Pets can be leveled and become very powerful.

EVO Armor

Find all the pieces of the EVO Armor set and train them to reach great protection.

EVO Weapons

Choose your favorite weapon among a variety of kinds. Train it to become more powerful.

New crafting skills

Besides the usual crafting professions, find a lot of new other ones : firerock crafting, reagent gathering, ... (and more yet to come)

New resources

Gather resources from new kinds of woods, leathers and ores. Craft unique items from them.

Level and breed your pets

Advanced Taming System lets you tame, level and breed your pets. Make them stronger each new generation.